Hävvi Naturally English

Hävvi - Naturally : southern Sámi cuisine as interpreted by Elaine Asp

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Elaine Asp, Anna-Britta Ståhl


223 sidor


ISBN: 9789163993565


"This book is not just my love letter to reindeer, nature, and Southern Sámi cuisine. It is also my way of rectifying the wrongs done to my paternal grandmother and everyone else who belonged to the generation of Sámi deprived of the opportunity to be proud of their knowledge of nature, their culture, their language, and their heritage. This book is also a tribute to my maternal grandmother, who taught me the fundmentals of self-sufficency. The recepies are based on my interperation of traditional Southern Sámi dishes and I hope they will inspire you to find more ingridients in nature and to live more sustainably."

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